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At the Lobster Trap, we’ve been shipping quality lobster since 1972. With years of unbeatable service, we take the guesswork out of buying wholesale quantities of seafood.

The Lobster Trap is headquartered on Cape Cod, Massachusetts with additional facilities in Machiasport, Steuben,  and Addison, Maine. Our fresh live lobsters come directly from the cold, clean Atlantic waters of our own docks in Maine, providing freshness and flavor to enjoy for any occasion. With an inventory that’s turned over every two or three days, we’re dedicated to shipping sustainable lobster that is select-grade, prime, fresh, and healthy with the most meat in shells with every order.

The Lobster Trap Co in Bourne, MA Wholesale
commercial lobster fishing

We like to say bait to plate - we cover the entire live lobster process. We sell bait to the lobstermen which is how they catch the lobsters.

Once the lobsters are caught, we buy them from the fisherman. Once purchased, the lobsters are graded by weight and put into a designated slotted crates. Once organized, the crates are labeled and submerged into the open ocean tank. This allows for the lobsters to be comfortable and in their natural environment prior to being packed for an order.


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