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The Lobster Trap owns and operates three additional locations in Maine under DBA BBS Lobster Trap. Our location on Machias Bay in Machiasport services 40 lobster fishing boats. The tank house here is able to hold 550 crates (55,000 lbs) in refrigerated water. An additional 40,000 pounds are held in its tidal pound -the most Northeastern pound in the United States, only 50 miles from the Canadian border. Our second location sits on Pigeon Hill Bay in Steuben. Two tank houses here are able to hold about 6000 crates (600,000 lbs) and two tidal lobster pounds are able to store 200,000+ pounds of live lobster. Lastly, Addison brings in live lobster, steamer clams, scallops, and halibut.

Fishing vessels tie up at each location to unload their catch, but also to purchase fuel, bait, and supplies. Buying and selling bait is secondary, but still a very large operation with storage capacity of 2 million pounds. Fresh and frozen whole herring, cuttings, and other varieties are sold in both retail and wholesale quantities.

2014 renovations to Steuben's facilities included increased pound holding capacity by 25-40,000 lbs and an additional 530,000 lb tank house with cold water storage capability.

Lobster pounds are large ocean pens or coves with significant water flow used for storage. Typically there are two pounding seasons, a winter and summer. During late summer and fall months pounds are filled to supply the demand following the close of fishing seasons and winter weather. Summer pounding is to allow soft, newshell, lobsters to harden for September retrieval.

The Lobster Trap with BBS Lobster Trap as its "Maine" supplier has become a fully integrated company that delivers the freshest product to customers year round from the fishing boat to market.

Contact Info:

Tom Platt- Maine Operations
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Machiasport: 207-255-8888
188 Pettegrow Point Rd
Machiasport, ME 04655

Bait & Trucking Division Manager
Dickie Huntley
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Office Manager
Ashley Beam
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Steuben: 207-546-3622
830 Pigeon Hill Rd
Steuben, ME 04680

General Manager
Victor Sokoloski Ext. 4
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Office Manager
Annie Sokoloski Ext. 3
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Addison: 207-483-2888
420 Mooseneck Rd
Addison, ME 04606

Seana Beal
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